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Prostate cancer research paper outline.

Background: Shared decision-making SDM is a process increasingly recommended as a mean of involving patients in their care.

Mark Moyad Prostate Cancer Research Report 2017

Research shows, however, that it is infrequently employed in everyday clinical practice. Only limited research In Denmark this area remains under investigated. Patient satisfaction, treatment results and patient safety can be improved if patients are involved in decision-making concerning the course of their disease.

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Studies have shown that many prostate cancer patients prefer to engage in SDM with their doctor. Aim: We aimed to examine prostate cancer patients' experience of becoming involved in decision-making concerning the course of their disease, as well as to examine whether they felt sufficiently informed.

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Method: This study is based on qualitative semi-structured life-world interviews of 6 prostate cancer patients. Results: Through analysis and interpretation of the data, two themes were identified: 1 Following the procedure 2 Like being a parcel at the mail distribution centre.

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The patients experienced being sent through a standard procedure with a onesided focus on examinations and treatment issues. Conclusion: It is concluded that most patients do not become involved in decision-making and do not feel sufficiently informed.

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This observation has direct implications for the extent to which care provision is person-centered.