Minimally Invasive Urological Surgery

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    Leírás: Transurethral laser enucleation is performed according to the standard established at the respective test center. Age: 45 - 80 years 2.

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    Prostate size measurement by transrectal ultrasound : 80 - mL 4. Patient is mentally capable and willing to sign a study-specific consent form 6. Subjects with the ability to follow study instructions and likely to attend and complete all required visits 7.

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    Written informed consent Exclusion Criteria: 1. Suspected or history of prostate cancer 3. Suspected or history of bladder cancer 4. Bladder stone 5.

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    Indwelling catheter for more than 3 months before baseline 6. Active urinary tract infection 7.

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    History of urethral stricture or bladder neck stenosis 8. Damage of the external urethral sphincter 9. Previous prostate surgery or history of lower urinary tract surgery e.

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    Contraindications for general and spinal anaesthesia The investigator considers a pre-existing condition or the subject's life circumstances to be problematic for the conduct of the study and the completion of the follow-up investigations Subject is unwilling to accept a blood transfusion if required Subject is not able to give consent Subject without legal capacity who is unable to understand the nature, scope, significance and consequences of this clinical trial Simultaneously participation in another clinical trial in the field of urology Known or persistent abuse of medication, drugs or alcohol Nem:.